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The challenge for today's Small and Medium Sized Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations:

The early actions undertaken in the formation of the new venture are critical to its survival and eventual success. It is estimated that over 90% of newly formed ventures fail within the first 5 years of their life. Challenger Ventures Group's proven organizational development plan provides client management with a structured state of the art integrated process. The Challenger program applies the current knowledge base in marketing strategy and organizational development to the challenges of creating realistic venture business plans and implementing these plans through the execution of an effective program launch and continuing guidance.

The Challenger Ventures Group, LLC is focused on helping you stay in front of your competition!

Critical components of the strategic planning for your venture’s launch and sustainable profitable growth include:


  • Mission focus: The venture must transform the spark of the founder’s vision into a focused organized effort to bring the vision into the reality of a sustainable enterprise?
  • Market assessment: Has the venture clearly understood the nature and structure of the market opportunity and has this understanding been integrated into the strategic planning for launch and growth?
  • Customer job requirements: The mark most often missed in the management of the venture’s growth plan is that of bringing the understanding of Clayton Christianson’s “job you are being hired to do” into the value chain utilized to deliver to the customer the venture’s service offering package.
  • Strategic framework: It is the strategic framework that provides the structure to direct the allocations of the venture’s resources and energy into effective and productive initiatives and their interface with the market place. An organization without a clear strategic framework is destined for a voyage of disappointment and frustration.
  • Success Driven Culture: The success driven culture is one of the most critical components that must be created for sustainable growth and profitability. High expectations for individual and the agility to adapt to new developments in the marketing system.
  • Execution: Planning for the venture’s product development, marketing research, manufacturing, marketing and sales programs however thoughtfully and artfully defined in the strategic plans of the ventures, call for careful attention to their implementation and execution.
  • Operationalization: The ability to translate the “lessons learned” from the successes and disappointments in the venture’s operation into repeatable recurring processes and programs is a critical component in the ability of the venture to maintain its agility in the dynamic marketing system driven environment.
  • Performance Measurement: The performance of an organization can be thought of as both a discipline for executive attention and as a process that can be implemented and managed by the organization. The Challenger Ventures’ performance management programs create capabilities that measure achievements to planned goals and objectives and then provide lessons learned to focus the venture’s energies on desired behaviors.
  • Sea trends and Economic Cycles: Every venture and organization operates in an environment characterized by a dynamic marketing system that is driven by the combination of competitive initiatives, short term economic cycles and longer term sea trends. The understanding of the dynamic nature of the economic forces on the marketing system is critical to maintaining a position of competitive advantage in the marketplace.


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